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Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record (VLER)



 From Initial Oath to Final Benefit

VLER is driving VA transformation by enabling the

 proactive delivery of services and benefits to Veterans

The Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record (VLER) enables the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and its partners to proactively provide the full continuum of services and benefits to Veterans through Veteran-centric processes made possible by effective, efficient, and secure standards-based information sharing.

VLER is a multi-faceted business and technology initiative that includes a portfolio of health, benefits, personnel, and administrative information sharing capabilities.  It provides Veterans, Service members, their families, care-givers, and service providers with a single source of information for health and benefits needs in a way that is secure and authorized by the Veteran or Service member.

Access to electronic records is essential to modern health care delivery and the paperless administration of benefits.  Further, this access provides a framework to ensure all health care providers have the information they need to deliver high-quality health care while reducing medical errors.  Standardized and secure exchange of information allows for unprecedented, seamless delivery of both health care and benefits for our nation’s Veterans and Service members.

When VLER is fully implemented, all information needed to quickly and accurately provide services and benefits to our Veterans and Service members will be exchanged electronically and proactively, putting the right information in front of the right people at the right time for them to take action.

President Obama announcing VLER with VA Secretary Shinseki and Defense Secretary Gates

For additional information on the three major areas of VLER, click on the links below.

VLER Benefits

VLER Health

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