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Welcome to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Advisory Committee Management Office.




The Advisory Committee Management Office’s (ACMO) mission is to provide guidance and support to the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) Federal advisory committees.  Federal advisory committees are a key component of VA’s overall strategy to achieve stakeholder and public engagement in its efforts and commitment to serve Veterans, their families, and Survivors.  The Federal Advisory Committee Act (P. L. 92-463) provides a mechanism for a advisory committees to operate as another component of the “people’s voice” in our democratic form of government.


Some of VA’s advisory committees have been mandated by Congress to ensure that federal laws, as carried out by the executive branch, are meeting their intended goals.  Other VA committees have been created by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to assess specific VA policies or programs.  Advisory committee members are generally acknowledged by VA’s leadership and members of the Veterans Affairs Committees in Congress as “consumer representatives” of those millions of beneficiaries whose lives are affected each year by VA programs.


ACMO is comitted to supporting VA’s mission by managing and promoting the highest quality administration of the laws, regulations, and policies governing Federal advisory committees. At this website, you can access information about each of VA’s Federal advisory committees, its membership, laws, regulations and other applicable guidance relating to the establishment and management of advisory committees. You may also access information concerning ethics and financial disclosure.  If at any time you need advice or clarification on a topic, please do not hesitate to contact your committee management staff or the Advisory Committee Management Office staff at VA.Advisory.cmte@va.gov.




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